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15 Jan 2006: Last seen: Mar Adentro (The Sea Inside)
The real-life story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a 30 year campaign in favor of euthanasia and his own right to die. Great performance! Won an Oscar in 2005: Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 8.0
08 Jan 2006: Last seen: The Island
About clones, who become aware of their being and of their original. Very nice movie with lots of action. I find the ending scene rather weak, but in general it's just good entertainment. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 7.0
02 Jan 2006: Registration problem fixed (OBSOLETE)
There was a problem with the registration script. I fixed it and now it works fine. If you want full access to this website, please register here. Thanks to Magoo.
01 Jan 2006: Happy New Year.
I wish a happy and successful New Year to all my BitFun friends and visitors.
26 Dec 2005: A Christmas gift (OBSOLETE)
As a Christmas gift to all registered BitFun friends, I added a new page displaying my complete MP3 collection. You can search for the song you want, or on any part of the filename. Remember, if you still use Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, you need to click the RIGHT mouse button to download (save target as…). You better install Firefox and the WellGet extension…;-)
20 Dec 2005: Merry Christmas
A Merry Christmas I wish to all my BitFun friends. All registered BitFun friends are welcome to my FTP-site and download that nice Christmas MP3 collection.
11 Dec 2005: Last seen: Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Nice, nothing special. Two beautiful people who are trying to kill and to love each other... Of course Angelina Jolie still is one of my favourites. So my rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 7
27 Nov 2005: Google Analytics rocks.
A new service of Google really rocks the show: Google Analytics. It analyses the visits of your website. You can view my Google Statistics of the last 14 days here.
26 Nov 2005: Pirelli Calendar 2006 (OBSOLETE)
This week Pirelli showed the 2006 edition of their famous calendar. I'm still looking for the hi-res version of the pictures. Contact me if you found some.
22 Nov 2005: Last seen: War of the Worlds.
Spielberg did a job well done on this one. Creepy aliens, massive sound and beautiful special effects. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 7.5
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