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23 Oct 2005: Survival in Saeftinghe.
Some would call it a nice walk in the drowned land of Saeftinghe, I call it survival. With some colleagues from Evides and their partners we had a very nice challenge as you can see on these photo's.
18 Oct 2005: Photo's from Barcelona.
As promised, today I added the pictures from our trip to Barcelona. And yes, all the photo's are our own. I used a Canon A95 by the way. But I must admit, with some pictures I had a little help from Adobe Photoshop...
17 Oct 2005: Back from Barcelona.
We just returned from a short break in Barcelona. Be sure to visit this site again soon, and watch our nice photo's. But be careful if you visit this beautiful city. In the always busy metro they've tried to steal from us at least five times. And unfortunately once they succeeded.
12 Oct 2005: Perfect performance: Million Dollar Baby.
A must see film. Hilary Swank is performing at her best. Clint Eastwood is also very good and Morgan Freeman outstanding. It's not just a boxing film, and the plot is shocking. Very un-American. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 9.0
04 Oct 2005: Last seen: After the Sunset.
Nice people, excuse me: beautiful girl (Salma Hayek), nice places, little story, in short a pretty movie, nothing special but enjoyable. My rating on a 1 to 10 scale: 6.5
28 Sep 2005: New FTP-server online.
Today I put a new FTP-server online: Filezilla. It's just great and FREE.
26 Sep 2005: Nice sunrise in Bokhoven.
Sjaak send me some beautiful pictures of a very nice sunrise last week. In the surroundings of Bokhoven. "Time is vital, as is patience". Thanks for the pictures, Sjaak.
17 Sep 2005: Movie: Clueless.
DVD number 499: Clueless (rated 6.7 at IMDB). "Sex. Clothes. Popularity. Is there a problem here?"
06 Sep 2005: Hundred BitFun members !! (OBSOLETE)
Today we welcome Data, who is our hundredth member. As a member you are considered being a friend. Friends are invited to come in and “listen” to our music ;-)
28 Aug 2005: Changes in main menu (OBSOLETE)
Thanks to Bernard I made minor changes in my CSS file. As you can see it affects the main menu above. If you find something malfunction, please contact me.
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