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09 Apr 2005: FTP closed !!!
As you might have noticed, I closed my FTP-server. It seemed that anyone who registered himself (herself) on this site, was able to download my personal files such as Top2000. So it seemed my files were available for everybody on the internet, and that made some people very unhappy. I'm working on a different way of authorization, in a way that only my webmaster can grant REAL BitFun friends to my personal belongings.
27 Mar 2005: BitFun Server Specs.
Some friends asked me about this "brand" new BitFun server. Well, compared to the previous one (P2 355MHz, 30GB) this one is "much" faster and bigger. Get a grip of yourself: P3 766MHz, 2x20GB. It's running on Windows 2000 Pro SP4. The servers running are: IIS 5.0 web server with PHP 4.3.6, MySQL 4.0.18 and MS Access databases, Serv-U FTP-server and MailEnable mail server.
26 Mar 2005: New server online.
My new server is up and running (Thanks Ted). The performance has increased specially on my (PHP & MySQL) website. Please let me know, if anything is not running to your satisfaction. Oh, I noticed that this afternoon my router crashed a couple of times, so I haven been offline for a short while. It seems the new version of eMule opens too many ports….
20 Mar 2005: Winterport in Lermoos - Ehrwald (Austria).
Winter and summer at the same time! Lots of snow and terrific weather in the Zugspitze area. For our friends and family: these photos are placed on this website exclusively for you.
11 Mar 2005: Pirelli pictures online (OBSOLETE)
The famous Pirelli Calendar 2005 placed on this website exclusively for you.
31 Jan 2005: Winterport in Ladis - Fiss - Serfaus (Austria).
Back in one piece! For our friends and family: these photos are placed on this website exclusively for you.
03 Jan 2005: Mozilla Firefox 1.0
Wow, I'm not easily impressed, but Firefox did it to me. I never cared about MS Internet Explorer much; I used Maxthon (MyIE) instead. But Firefox really rules. It beats everything I ever tried (NetCaptor, Opera, MyIE). You can download the newest version of Mozilla Firefox 1.0 for free (4,7 MB). And you should check out all of these nice extensions (plug-ins).
01 Jan 2005: Happy New Year
Thank you for your BtFun support in 2004 and we wish you a healthy and successful 2005.
23 Dec 2004: Merry Christmas
To all my BitFun friends I wish a very merry Christmas.
17 Nov 2004: Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan in Playboy (OBSOLETE)
Georgina is a star in GTST, Costa!, Volle Maan and many more movies. She's a singer, and she's gorgeous. So to me she's very real !!!
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