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06 Sep 2005: Hundred BitFun members !! (OBSOLETE)
Today we welcome Data, who is our hundredth member. As a member you are considered being a friend. Friends are invited to come in and “listen” to our music ;-)
28 Aug 2005: Changes in main menu (OBSOLETE)
Thanks to Bernard I made minor changes in my CSS file. As you can see it affects the main menu above. If you find something malfunction, please contact me.
18 Aug 2005: Movie: Glengarry Glen Ross.
Yesterday I saw the movie Glengarry Glen Ross (rated 7.8 at IMDB). If you work for a living, you must see this. I can only say: F*CKING great performances of Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino and Ed Harris.
01 Aug 2005: Pictures from Spain.
"Hola" to all of you. Back from a very nice holiday in Spain. We've been in Platja de Aro and Cambrils and visited some good friends in Roses en Salou. These photos are placed on this website exclusively for our friends and family.
23 Jul 2005: FTP-server online again.
It seems I solved the problem with the FTP-server.
22 Jul 2005: FTP-server down.
Still on holiday in Spain, and my FTP-server seems down. So there´s no downloading now. Sorry.
15 Jul 2005: On holiday in Spain.
Sorry, but if you register now to get full access, you will have to be patient for a while. I can´t fully control my FTP server at this moment to grant you access.
20 Jun 2005: More FTP fun (OBSOLETE)
If you are a BitFun member, you can access my personal belongings on my FTP-server. Today I added 17 BitFun hit CD’s. As you know with Firefox or Internet Explorer you must login using your username and password like: Have a bit fun !!
08 Jun 2005: BitFun Server Update.
You might have noticed, that this website is really fast !! Again I built a new server: AMD (of course) Athlon 1800, 1 GB, 2x40GB in Raid mirror, Windows XP Pro SP2, Apache Webserver with PHP 4.3.6, MySQL 4.0.18, Serv-U FTP-server and MailEnable mail server.
01 Jun 2005: More pictures from Valkenburg.
A couple of weeks ago we visited Valkenburg in the south of Limburg. And of course I added the pictures to my website. These photos are placed on this website exclusively for our friends and family.
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