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07 Jun 2014: Video added to Vimeo
Uploaded a of video to Vimeo about the drinking water reservoirs in the Biesbosch. This one is about the low water level in the first reservoir De Gijster, due to an intake stop of 7 weeks.
15 Dec 2013: Almost 10.000 views each month
A couple of months ago I made a video-clip out of several shots of 'Nur wer den Wahnsinn liebt' from Helene Fischer. These shots were made by myself and other people on the Summer Event Tour of Helene. Today the counter reached 43.000!
23 Nov 2013: Glora Estefan at Night of the Proms
Last night we were at the Night of the Proms in Ahoy Rotterdam and the wonderful singer Gloria Estefan was "en la casa".
23 Nov 2013: Wyclef Jean at Night of the Proms
Hips don't lie on Night of the Proms 2013 in Rotterdam kindly brought to you by bitfun.
19 Nov 2013: Who is Helene Fischer?
I'm a big fan of Helene Fischer. She's famous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but all my friends ask me: "Who the f*ck is Helene Fischer". Well, last week Helene received a golden Bambi on German television. I put Dutch subtitles on the German voice. So now you know!
01 Sep 2013: Last videoclip of Helene Fischer
The last videoclip I uploaded of Helene Fischer is the final of the Summer Event 2013: Vergeben, vergessen und wieder vertrau'n, Mitten im Paradies and finally the fireworks.
01 Sep 2013: Animation with Adobe After Effects
Watching from our hotel room one can see the village of Peniscola. With a lot of help from Video Copilot I made this animation.
15 Jul 2013: Another videoclip of Helene Fischer
Just uploaded another videoclip, edited from three different Youtube-sources and one of my own. Ewig ist manchmal zu lang
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