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11 Jul 2018: Helene Fischer Video Gelsenkirchen
The final of Helene Fischer's concert in Gelsenkirchen, July 3, 2018
18 Jun 2018: My Work
The last 2 months our contractor made preparations and launched successfully 2 dredging vessels in our largest reservoir De Gijster. Quite spectacular, because the water level in the reservoir is more than 6 meters higher than sea-level.
30 May 2018: Helene Fischer in Welcome Austria
Last night Helene gave an interview and a performance of her song Adieu, in a whole new arrangement.
30 May 2018: Helene Fischer Interviews in Austria
Helene was in Austria for some interviews on radio and television. I made a summary of these programs.
15 Apr 2018: Helene Fischer wins Echo Award
Last Thursday Helene Fischer won her 17th Echo Award, an amazing number. She performed 2 times, of which once in a Spanish duet with Luis Fonsi, Échame la culpa.
18 Jan 2018: Helene Fischer Never seen before Video
The pictures are great, but the live performance of Helene Fischer is awesome.
18 Nov 2017: Helene opens the Bambi Awards
Wow! The opening of the Bambi Awards last Thursday, by Helene Fischer, was just astonishing. Even Hugh Jackman seemed to be blown away by Helene’s performance.
04 Nov 2017: Helene Fischer on Swiss TV
Helene Fischer surprises 2 fans in the SRF surprise show "Happy Day"
09 Oct 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Cologne
Helene sings "Mit keinem anderen"
09 Oct 2017: Video of Helene Fischer Tour Cologne
Helene sings "Hundert Prozent" and "Von hier bis unendlich"
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